C5 D-style widebody fenders

Image of C5 D-style widebody fenders
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Introducing our latest innovation for Corvette enthusiasts: the all-new Stylish Widebody Kit. Crafted from high-quality fiberglass, this kit transforms your Corvette into a head-turning masterpiece. Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic with a unique and aggressive stance, featuring front fenders widened by 55mm and rear fenders widened by 70mm from base model, setting it apart from the crowd. With meticulous attention to detail, our kit seamlessly integrates with the Corvette's design, ensuring a flawless finish. Make a bold statement on the road with our Stylish Widebody Kit and unleash the full potential of your Corvette.

-gel coat finish
-6 piece widebody kit
-55mm front fenders
-70mm rear fenders
-bumper add-on
-made in the USA

Msrp: $2350

** please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery**

***Official pictures will be posted in a week!!!!!!

**** additional build pictures at ig: 945garage or fb

***** You are buying at pre order special pricing. Once we reach a certain amount of sales the pre buy will be over and kits will be sold at Msrp